Meth is one of the most powerful tools of the Devil in these last days. It is a demonic concoction with catastrophic force. 25% of all Meth labs found in the U.S. are in Mo. Green County is 3rd highest producer of Meth labs in Mo. Green County has the highest number of children that have to be taken from homes because of Meth. In 2004 1,594 children were removed from Mo homes because of Meth. That is and average of over 4 children a day. According to the News-Leader, many of these children are dirty and despondent some are burned and bruised. In 2004 there were 2,788 Meth labs found in Mo that's an average of almost 8 a day. An average of 2 labs a week are found in Green County alone. If the labs found in Green County last year made only 1 pound of Meth each they would produce enough Meth to get everyone in Springfield high for about 12 hours and produce around 610 pounds of toxic waste! In 2005 Springfield had an average of almost 5 drug related police calls a day. That number is up almost 200% from 2003.


I have a vision for a redemption center in Springfield Mo. It will be a place that people can come to be redeemed. The scripture verse for the center is Ephesians 5:16 "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil" A motto for the center will be "one free item per person". That free item is salvation. Every class, service, or product must be paid for. Working, trading or giving, can be used to pay for items or services. That way a network of people working together would be developed. As we begin, it is important to note that volunteers will do most of the work. The volunteers will consist of people wanting to help others, people wanting to help themselves, and people wanting to help others that are helping themselves to rise to a better life in Christ. Redemption center will be a gathering place for workers. Needs will be met as callings are fulfilled. This is not a church or a substitute for a church. It will be a place that will train servant leaders. It will be a place were ANYONE can serve in some way. Race, age, gender, denomination, culture, abilities and inabilities will not add to or take away from what an individual can do to serve others.

At the Redemption Center it is not our intention to supplant any existing ministries, but rather to come along side and support the good work that is already being done. For instance, Intervention Ministries out of Bolivar Missouri has been conducting very effective Freedom from Meth" Rallies. RC plans to under gird Dick Dixon's good work by providing logistic, physical, financial and spiritual support to one whom we see as a comrade in arms in the fight against one of the area's most prolific strongholds. For logistic support we will help with the planning and preparation in anyway that Intervention would like to utilize our help. Physically, we will constantly be seeking and adding to a pool of ready volunteers to assist with anything that needs to be done for the rallies from heavy lifting to manning booths. Financially, it is our intention to allocate any surplus of funds into ministries that we work with as they have a need. Spiritually, we will join our brothers in the prayerful vigil that is needed to combat a spiritual enemy like the one behind the ravaging effects of Meth, homelessness, and desperation. It is our intention to gather with fellow warriors on a regular basis and lift up the needs of the community to our most awesome and loving God.


First phase will be to establish a working redemption store. The location of this store is yet to be determined. It will function as a viable store, training in retail sales, customer service, and general computer use will begin. The store will be a buy, sell, and trade store modeled after Redeemed Music and Books. The store will not be a bookstore. It will be redemption store A.K.A. (quality) thrift store.

I use to pick trough trash and sell what I found to make money. That led me to buying, trading, and selling used books. Many of the books that I sold or traded or gave to others were on their way to the dumpster. God has had me live most of my life supporting a wife and two kids with trash. Now I think He wants to show the world what He can do with trash by using me to get a trashy building and start a trash store with people that are considered Trash by many (But most wont admit they feel that way. And to show the churches that have big bucks that money is not the measure of our work for God but love is. If it could be done for 200,000.00 would 200.000 to change lives is no big deal. There are many in this town that make more than that in a year. If the lottery paid out 200,000.00 tonight no one would play. The U.S.A. is so wealthy that a person living in poverty in almost any other country would jump at a chance to be in poverty in America. Every year, the United States generates approximately 230 million tons of "trash"--about 4.6 pounds per person per day. Less than one-quarter of it is recycled; the rest is incinerated or buried in landfills. We could reuse or recycle more than 70 percent of the landfilled waste, which includes valuable materials such as glass, metal, and paper. Most impoverish people in the world would be thankful to get our trash. They would think of it as highly as some think of gold. I want to glorify God with trash. Another need is to set up a place for education classes and meetings will be held. This area will be used by all flavors of believers. The classrooms will be rented out to teachers for training in areas that include but are not limited to dance, art, music, drama, ect. We want to have classes that will help restore the joy of life. No student will be turned down for financial reasons. If they cannot afford a class then they can work in other areas of ministry to be able to pay for it.

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