Here is an audio clip introduction to my testimony.

I was born and raised in a small fishing village in Wisconsin. called Two Rivers because it had two rivers.(I know "not very original") That's were ice cream Sundays were invented by the way. It is a town of about 13,000 people with a bar on every other corner and a church on the other corner (mostly catholic). I was raised in a catholic church where I learned about the sacrifice of Jesus the unity of the trinity and the power of God to do great things. BUT God was always distant to me. I thought at that time I would grow up to be a priest. Not because I cared about God or the church. I was lazy and thought it would be so easy to be a priest. They did the same thing every service with a short homily in each service that was set up for them. They had a place to live and food to eat with no worries. The church took care of everything for them. I had ADHD so it was hard for me in school. I always got in trouble and was sent to the principal's office often. By the time I got to middle school my parents had taken me out of the Catholic school and put me into public school. I never fit in because I was different. The other kids always picked on me. I started believing there was something wrong with me. That was how the enemy set up a strong hold of rejection and insecurity into my life. T I decided to become the class clown. I thought that if the other kids were going to laugh at me anyway I may as well let them do it on my terms. It was a good plan and it helped me make it through school. The enemy used his stronghold to bring depression into my life because I never fit in anywhere. Than before I started high School I began hanging out with the drug crowd smoking pot and drinking. As I look back now I see that it was my way of self-meditation. I knew my brain worked different from others but I did not know what to do about it. I also got into dungeons and dragons. It is a doorway into all things evil.

My mom started going to charismatic meetings in the Catholic Church. When I was in high school my mom and dad got saved and started going to an Assemblies of God church. My mom told me if I would go to Sunday school classes at the Assemblies of God church I did not have to go though my confirmation classes at the Catholic Church. I though it was a good deal. In the Assemblies of God church we went to it was common place for there to be tongs and interpretation of tongs or prophesy. When that happened I would hear God talk to me plain as day. I knew He was real and was out to get me. I tried to fight it but He won out and I gave my life to him on Feb. 5 1985. A few weeks later I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to prophase all the time. I knew almost right away that I was called to preach I remember one day my dad looking at me and saying I don't see you as a pastor tough more of an evengilist. I latch on to those words knowing they were from god. I had the call confirmed many times in my life.

The Most significant time was when I was attending North Central Bible Collage in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is now called North Central University. It was at an all night pray meeting. The Lord was moving and doing great thins. I was up in the balcony when the Lord told me to go down for prayer. I resisted "Lord I'm doing good with you right now I don't need to go for prayer" I kept saying but the Holy Spirit would not let me alone "Go down for prayer he said" I think I was like peter with the nets we have been out here all night trying to catch fish with no luck but you say cast it one more time we will. You want me to go for payer I will but you know Lord it's a waist of time. Little did I know it would be one of the most amazing encounters I ever had with God. The dean of student life was praying for people and as she started to pray for me the power and presents of God came done in an overwhelming way almost no one could stand as she began to prophesy over me. I do not remember all the words but I do remember the thoughts spoke forth and one word did stick out that I would carry with me until I die. That word was "mantel". I had never heard of a mantel before so I did not know what it meant. I ask a teacher at the school and he informed me it was like the covering/anointing like the prophet Elisha and Elijah. I was floored to think God had a worldwide ministry for me to fulfill was terrifying to me. I am no buddy at all. I can't do it. My friends at that time looked at me very differently they did not know what to think. It was a powerful word. How sweet it would have been for me to have a mentor at that time to teach me and help me know that I did not have to do any thing it was Gods call and he would do the work. I had no one to disciple me so I got scared and run away from the call.

During that time I never ran far from the call I knew it would be fulfilled I just kind of stayed away from ministry. I did not run from God or my relationship with him just the call (Or so I thought). I got married and shortly there after began to pursue the call on my life by going back to Bible collage this time at Central Bible collage in Springfield Mo. I got my diploma but I realized through this time that Gods call on my life and what the church had for me was not the same thing. This confused me some I knew what God wanted me to do but had no way to do it. I tried to go the way of the church I got licensed and I did some preaching but I know that something was missing and I could not fulfill my call the way the system was set up. So I waited It is hard to wait when you know you have a call and an anointing that can set people free and not be using it. It was a dark depressing long agonizing growth time that I would never trade in for anything. As I got to the end of that time I saw that God had used it to prepare me for the work He had for me to do. And so I sold all I had went out to follow him. And that is were I am today ready to be ordained and do the work God prepared in advance for me to do.

I am now ordained with Acts Ministry.

I love working with Stained Glass Theater!

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I wanted to work with Intervention Ministries, but it did not work out.

I am going to harvest fellowship church at this time.

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This is a my first worldwide message. It was given to World Revival Church in Kansas. on Saturday, August 20th. It was sent world wide on streaming video and is still online at their web site. Katrina hit 9 days latter starting the painful push of nature to see the people of God come forth in America. The pains of child birth will keep coming until God's people move out of there comfort zones and be who God made them to be. The message was well received but then a false prophet by the name of Juanita Bynum got the pastor sidetracked. Here is a short clip of the kind of things Juanita Bynum teaches.
She is talking about Jesus casting out demons. First she states that the demons said they have to be in flesh or they are illegal. Were dose it say that in scripture? And if all demons have to be in flesh, what about angles? Do they have to be in flesh as well? After all demons are fallen angels. Then she say's the bible said, "When Satan had finished his course" I could not find that in any Bibles! Can you? Then she goes off on the fact that Demons have a course they have to go through and we are to see to it they finish their course??? Can you find that in the Bible? She then say's Satan does not always come against us but he comes to teach us. I thought Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us all things? Is she right or is Jesus? It cannot be both!!! Then she say's we are to channel the workings of the evil spirits. I'm do not think any true Christians believe in channeling spirits!!

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